June 06, 2004


Jeff and Roger have been blogging about the rituals they go thru to hide their rum behind a bunch of fooferaw. I will admit to making an occasional Bloody Mary, but this is done mostly so as not to waste the liquid which is drained off when my wee wifey makes her fresh pico de gallo. If my purpose is to drink booze, I pour a wee dram of whichever single malt suits my mood into a snifter.

Because of all the extra ritual which surrounds these guys' drinking, Howard was inspired to blog about all the extra ritual which used to surround the buying of pot in olden times. This extra fooferaw had faded by the time I began what is now thirty six years of on and off youthful experimentation, but I am reminded of a story my older sister told. In her day, she had a friend who was very much into the connecting, scoring, and ineffective exaggerated secrecy. There can be no doubt that this was all an act of rebellion. One day he came home early from a date, and caught his parents getting high. Totally turned him off to pot.

Posted by triticale at June 6, 2004 09:05 PM
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