September 12, 2004

Wine Blogging

Well, that is a large part of what I read Professor Bainbridge for. I would be interested in finding out if someone calculates a QPR for Richard's Wild Irish Rose.

The reason I'm linking him today is that he is giving away free (a great way to advertise books) an excerpt from his textbook on corporation law, amended specifically to address the possibility of a stockholder suit against the directors of Viacom for lost value at CBS over the forgery issue. He says it won't happen.

Economics blogger Steve Verdon also took a specialty specific tangent on the memo scandal. Taking points of doubt only from Kevin Drum's admirably sceptical post, he does a Bayesian analysis of the probability that the memos are not forgeries. Mathematically negligable.

Posted by triticale at September 12, 2004 09:43 AM
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