September 22, 2004

Work Update

When I first started cellular work I was hired simply to drive and collect data, a "Can you here me now" guy if they run that ad in your area, but with computerized test gear. I'm now on my third contract in the field, and have worked my way up do where I'm analyzing the data and sometimes recommending network changes.

One of my new responsibilities is reviewing customer service reports. I have occasionally spotted site failures thereby, but most complaints are fairly dumb. I got a real doozy on Monday. This security guard is using his mobile to call his wife, at set break times, from inside the building. The number is always busy. Altho I did not save it to the network, I printed out a response form which read "No Trouble Found - could not replicate problem - she always answers when I call"

We did a part of a major system upgrade tonite, switching 20 sites over to a new control system at the office. This requires shutting the sites down and rebooting them, and so it is done in the wee small hours. I was in the gas station at 27th and Center at 3:00 this morning, and recieved an offer previously only gotten via email. A street vendor approached me trying to sell me Viagra. After he wandered off it crossed my mind to have asked him his name, to see if it was something like Zagreb J. Mobility.

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