September 22, 2004


I was never very big on It. Even as a youngster, when people would ask "Is It supposed to rain" I would reply that "It doesn't always do what It is supposed to; maybe It should be punished if It doesn't". However, to the extent that we can speak of some vast indefinite It, It hasn't been going very well for Da Goddes of late. Joanie was one of the first to encourage me to graduate from commenter to blogger. If you think this was a good thing, now would be the time to show your appreciation.

Posted by triticale at September 22, 2004 07:46 PM

Thank you, Triticale.

Posted by: Da Goddess at September 22, 2004 10:16 PM

Yes go help Joanie! even positive vibes can make all the difference in the world :).

Posted by: goldie at September 25, 2004 10:45 PM
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