October 19, 2004

Hey Now

Talkin' 'bout

"Hey now"

Despite the long hair, the tie died clothing and the, um, other attributes, I am not a Deadhead. I'm a member of that other subculture; people who found that at their best the Grateful Dead produced some damn fine music. Never mind the stuff you've heard on the radio. Those were selected either as an elitist plot to keep the fan base down or by record company executives. Check out the self titled 1971 "Skull and Roses" album. There are some cuts on there which were scheduled for when the acid would be coming on strongest, but the rest just flat-ass kicks. I do not understand how a station can claim to present "Classic Rock" and not include this version of Johnnie B Goode, they could have had a country hit with Me And My Uncle and Fade>Road is as fine a job of arranging as anything in the history of rock.

BTW, Rock is dead.

Long live Paper and Scissors.

Posted by triticale at October 19, 2004 08:10 AM
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