October 19, 2004

Hope Is On The Way

Gloom Dispair and Agony on Me, Deep Dark Depression, excessive misery
If it werent for bad luck I'd have no luck at all
Gloom Dispair and Agony on Me!!!!!!

As for that '68 Nova, I'll bet that whether it was a beater or a state of the art g-machine it was somebody's pride and joy.

When I hear certain candidates telling the voters how bad things are, I wonder why they would dare do such damage to their credibility. A year and a half ago, most people hadn't noticed the recovery yet. I posted as evidence "Drivers Wanted" ads on the backs of hiway trailers. Now the ads are competitive, to lure drivers over. One company promises to rollover seniority. Must be a lot of freight travelling if there aren't enough drivers to haul it. Back then, I posted that Goodwill, an employer of last resort, was advertising for store help. Today I happened upon one of their locations advertising for an assistant manager. Could it be that the people coming up thru the ranks found something better?

We have an old house in the inner city of an area rooted in the old economy. Unlike Frank, on the cutting edge, we've only seen our house double in value in the seven years since we bought it. Southeastern Wisconsin draws its income from farming and manufacturing, sectors beloved of the gloom-meisters. Extrapolating current trends, where a few specialty machine shops are already turning away work because of labor shortages, analysts are projecting seventy thousand more new jobs wll be created here over the next 25 years than there will be people to fill them.

They tell us "Hope is on the way." We don't need their hope any more than we need their despair.

Posted by triticale at October 19, 2004 08:42 PM
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