November 07, 2004

Election Impact

The first change I've noticed since the election is that most of the yard signs are gone. My neighbor across the street still has the Bush-Cheney one up, but the added banner now says "Recall" instead of "Defeat". Don't hold yer breath.

Driving the wee wifey to church this morning, I noticed a new lawn sign at some major intersections. "Now Hiring: Welders - Equip Mech - CNC Mach" with a 414 (Milwaukee and first tier suburbs) phone numbers. These are some of those manufacturing jobs you hear so much about.

Another change I've noticed is in the spam I've been getting. Along with the typical Igniting M. Acclimatization, Pulley E. Birding, and Pampered K. Berzelius, I've also been contacted by the politically connected Regulatory L. Editorializing and Reality R. Preponderant and by the clearly election related Joyously Q. Rove.

All of the spam from the Middle Initial Entities comes to my non-blog address, but since the election I've seen an ominous upswing in the unreadable spam from Korea at both addresses, and I've also gotten my first spam from Turkey. I have no idea what it was selling, because Eudora rejected the HTML, but it came from someone who took his name from the one risqué joke in Moby Dick.

Posted by triticale at November 7, 2004 10:06 AM

Just think of the tragedy of teaching children not to doubt. Clarence Darrow (1857 - 1938)

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