November 11, 2004

Potatoes And Point

6 large potatoes, boiled in jacket
1 large salt herring

Bring the potatoes to the table in a bowl. Tie the herring to the light fixture above the dining room table. Each person peels his potato, dips it in the salt, and points it at the herring.

This recipe was found in "Mrs. Rasmussen's Book of One Arm Cookery" by Mary Lasswell. We collect cookbooks, and read them for entertainment. This one caught my eye because the dust jacket featured art by George Price, and proved to be every bit as fun as I expected. More strange recipes, like one for Salt Horse, originally a military insult for beef preserved by salting, especially if not well preserved. Now it has become a horse doover.

1 glass chipped beef or dried beef (this would now be the pressed beef,
as sold by Buddig's)
1 glass (in other words equal amounts; units would now be
packets of the beef) walnut meats
sufficient mayonaisse to make a spread

Run the meat and walnuts thru the food processor, separately. Mix, and blend with the mayonaisse. Serve on thin slices of whole wheat bread.

There are also serious recipes, and serious advice.

If we buy ten cents' worth o' somethin' -- don't enjoy it an' throw some of it out -- it was extravagant. If it cost two dollars an' we eat every crumb an' lick the dish -- it was a bargain!
Posted by triticale at November 11, 2004 08:09 PM

Fun old-fashioned recipes.

Posted by: Dave Schuler at November 12, 2004 11:51 AM

Mary Lasswell, who wrote this book is one of my very favorite writers. All of her books are out of print, but if you find yourself in a used book store, or online at, check out the first book in her series, which begins with Suds in Your Eye, of which Mrs. Rasmussen is one of the main characters. There are six or seven books in the series, of which my faves are the first and last, but all are funny and George Price did all the artwork too!
I'm so happy for you to have discovered her - It must mention in the cookbook (which I don't actually have in my possession), that she cooks one armed so she can hold a beer!
That'll go good with the beer...

Posted by: toadflax at May 20, 2005 02:01 PM
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