June 05, 2005

Rewrite The Dreamcar List

It's the ultimate benchracer motor. We were kicking the idea around the engineering school cafeteria. Some have actually tried before, but it is now being test driven, it performs as well as one always imagined, and it is actually available.

So, what sort of car would you choose as the target of an engine swap, when the engine going in is a V8 which weighs under 200 pounds, measures - Length 546mm Width 513mm Height 440mm - produces 360 horsepower from the factor (with 750 possible with twin turbos but it voids the warranty) and revs to 10,000 RPM?

My son would put his in an MG-B for maximum surprise value. I would build a lakes modified rat rod around it, for maximum cognitive dissonance.


Someone else is producing a similar engine. It appears to be a little less extreme, but this variant makes up for that.

Posted by triticale at June 5, 2005 11:20 PM

The future of engines is electronic control. No cams except for a "safety" cam (does not control valves - just prevents contact between valve and piston).

No need to change cams. Just change software.

Posted by: M. Simon at June 14, 2005 06:38 AM
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