December 16, 2005


According to my understanding of the concept, the entire notion of everyone answering a common set of personal questions is all one meme even if the questions change. The addition of "tagging" wherein a participant gets to choose who else is to answer constitutes a mutation of that same meme. Tagging itself has now mutated, so that anyone who reads an "I wish" post, as I did at Richmond's, is tagged and supposed to participate. There are no consequences for failure to do so; my participation and yours are entirely voluntary.

The premise of this particular variant is that you are to finish the sentence: "I wish I ..."- - Basically, pretend you had up to three wishes to change something about you. A restriction is that cannot wish to change someone else.

I'm not going to bother with the ever-popular "I wish I could lose weight" because I've actually managed to do so thru a moderate adjustment of my snacking practice, which encourages me to further improve my diet. The main change I'm wishing for right now, that I were in a position to accept the out of town contracts I'm being offered, doesn't count because the change required has to do with the wee wifey's mobility issues.

What I'm left with is the same wish Bugs Bunny made when he was facing a firing squad and offered a final request. I wish I were in the land of cotton, old times there are not forgotten...

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