December 16, 2005

Restaurant Cooking

There has been a lot of information posted asymmetrically of late as to how people in the habit of eating out can improve their financial well-being by cooking at home. The recipes provided have been elementary; suited to all of us including those not practiced at cooking.

Matching the experience of fine restaurant dining requires some degree of skill, which can be acquired easily enough by starting with the elementary dishes. It also requires sophisticated recipes. For those who are ready, I would like to recommend the book Restaurant Favorites At Home by the editors of Cooks Illustrated. The recipes are too complex to share online, and the detailed writeups include much information about the ingredients, processing, and changes from the original large-scale restaurant recipes.

I do want to share one small detail, from the test kitchen survey of cheeses. I am sure that any Deadheads reading this will be pleased to learn that they gave a top rating to Stella Blue, produced here in the dairy state.

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