June 14, 2006

Attention To Detail

My wee wifey has invited 3 couples from the church she attends to a guyboat dinner Saturday evening. Altho this is very much her thing and her event, she asked three things of me beyond showing up and participating.

First of all, she wants me to finish tiling the kitchen. When we pulled up the old torn linoleum we encountered some interesting underlayment, thus this has been the most procrastinated task. One alcove and some trimmed inderts around the edges. Shouldn't be a problem.

When the occasion rolls around, I am to grill burgers and chicken. Again not a problem; I would likely be doing this for us anywhom. This time I get do break out the special marinades.

Finally, in anticipation of company, I am to make a couple adjustments to the magazine rack in the bathroom. In particular she asked that I dig up a gun magazine and set it front and center. It has been our experience that this is always good for starting a conversation, and it looks like she is up for having that particular conversation with these church folk. Activism takes many forms.

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