June 18, 2006

Guyboat Update

The dinner was a success, but I learned a few things along the way.

The underlayment in the kitchen is even more interesting than I realized. When I got to the edge by the shelving I discovered that the crappy plywood sheets are on top of two other layers of tile. I think I will be required to disclose this when we put the little house on the market. Job finished in (if not on) time.

Side dishes were family standards I've posted before, but we learned things about them this time around. Substituting a balsamic vinaigrette for half the Italian dressing improves the pasta salad. We did this to make up for only having "Lite" Italian dressing in inventory. It darkened the pasta slightly, but it looked earthy and natural, not yucky. The flavor didn't shout "pine tar"; there was just something interesting in the background. Using a large Vidalia onion in the salsa did not work out as well. The salsa was OK, but the drained liquid completely lacked the brisance which makes it so good in a bloody mary.

The lurking gun magazine went totally unnoticed. Future attempts to raise the consciousness of our guests will need to be less subtle.

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