November 12, 2006


While backtracking a google hit on the title of a recent post, I happened upon a wretched hive of scum and villainy which shares the name of that post. There are certainly plenty of blogs which are devoted to criticism of leftards and dhimmicrats but to me they lack an unpleasantness I feel in the politics and humor delivered by this radical left wing extremist.

It is not uncommon for conservatives to post unflattering comparisons to unflattering images of liberal figures. The question is whether there is a difference in kind or only in degree between matching John F Kerry with Lurch and matching Rush Limbaugh with John Wayne Gacy. I don't even see the similarity between the latter pair.

One thing I don't recall encountering at conservative blogs is the sneering adolescent superiority which permeates this post. Seasonal entry level positions at big box stores around here pay a buck and change over the minimum wage, and anyway, laid-off Republican staffers will only have to hold out for two years.

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