December 05, 2006

Second Order Effect

It is well known around the blogosphere that a link from the Instapundit will generate considerable traffic. It is this effect, known as the Instalanche, and not the once-infamous puppy smoothies, which gives Glenn his power. What most people don't recognize is that this traffic, like all wealth, trickles down. I call the resultant effect a Nearstalanch.

Nothing I've written of late has caught any particular notice, and thus my traffic, such as it is, has come from a few regular visitors, a few people who noticed various comments or trackbacks old and new, Recipe Carnivals old and new, and search engines. People looking for recipes are finding what they seek, but I'm not sure what draws those who are researching my name-grain or the new word game whose title happens to match that of a post of mine. Today, for the first time in a while the appearance of the latest Recipe Carnival was announced with an Instalink. The result was a 44% spike in daily page views for me from additional people checking out my contribution.

In what has to be a random coincidence, I got my first visit in about a year from the one non-carnival Instalink I'd ever gotten,

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