July 04, 2007

Not All Fell For It

Les Jones, who is on the list for my next blog roll update, has been keeping track of which rock stars haven't insufflated enough of the Kool-Aid to think flying around the world to do Live Earth concerts would be a benefit to the planet.

Posted by triticale at July 4, 2007 11:54 AM | TrackBack

My favorite is the Earth Day protesters that leave their signs and trash on the lawn after the day is done. I do more for the environment by staying home.


Anyway, I would consider it an honor and a privilege if you would add my blog "The
Tygrrrr Express" www.blacktygrrrr.wordpress.com to your list of linked sites if you feel the quality is high.

I came across your blog through the Rottweiler's website, since I enjoy his writing. I hope my email is not an intrusion, but I figured this is one way to help my blog grow.

Happy 4th.


P.S. If I already asked you once in the past, my bad. I recently learned what a "bot," is, so feel free to ask me anything to test my human credentials.

Posted by: eric at July 5, 2007 01:07 AM
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