September 13, 2004

The Linker Is Thinking

Not that it is that rare, just not what he is known for. This observation merits serious consideration by the conservative and libertarian portions of the body politic. What we need is a plan for winning the victory.

If, as is suggested, Kerry no longer needs to waffle, he will be playing to the base. It is important not to unleash the attack machine. Demonstrating that the memos could not be anything but false is clearly a win, but loudly proclaiming "They are all a bunch of lying poopypants" will mean a loss. Let the people toward the middle come around at their own pace. Four more years of growth at home and improvement around the world and they will be ready for a realignment.

The other question is what to do with the Republican party. Once the Presidency is secure, then it will be time to move the rest of the government past the big-government stage of Republicanism. Conservatives have unleashed a serious primary challenge against the country-club wing of the party in Wisconsin. Jacksonian libertarians, abandoned by the Libertarian Party, should be doing the same in suitable areas.

Posted by triticale at September 13, 2004 08:57 PM
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