October 02, 2004

My Take, Finally

I've spent as much of my time as I could, yesterday and today, reviewing everyone's take on the debate; blogs and talk radio. The very first discussion I caught on friday had to do with which of the candidates did a better job. That's a silly question. They each had a different job to do.

One of the major topics of debate has been the "global test" remark. The pro-Kerry spin on this has been that he didn't mean that U.S. policy decisions actually had to be graded by the rest of the world. We merely need to internalize world opinion, and allow ourselves to be guided by it. As I have pointed out in at least one discussion elsewhere, this is not an improvement.

I've finished researching the debate. I've found the single most significant post on the subject. If the trend described here can be extrapolated, and continues to hold true (more recent posts suggests this is true at the micro level), then the only remaining factor will be vote fraud.

Posted by triticale at October 2, 2004 08:43 PM
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